Oil Seperator


Purpose of the Oil Separator.


Separators of the oil products are intended for physicomechanical cleaning  of rain, thawed and technical (car washes, workshops, etc.) waters from suspended particles and from bonds of an oil parentage (oil products).

The separator of oil products (petrocatcher) can be used as:

  • independent equipment for local cleaning of drains before dumping into the plumbing system, on a relief or in a reservoir;
  • part of a complex of the treatment facilities.




The legislation of Georgia places great demands to producers of the clearing equipment, in particular in the matters of protection of ground waters. Oil products represent very serious threat to the environment.

Therefore it is especially expedient to use separators in the places that are subjected to strong pollution threat, i.e. at gas stations, automobile flushers, auto repair shops, parking lots, automobile routes, the airports, dumps, sewer systems of the industrial factories, oil depots and so forth. The similar equipment also has to be an obligatory element of city sewerages.

The DIN 1999 standard according to which our separators of oil products are made marks out the following criteria, considering which, the correct selection of a petrotrap is possible:

  • Rain waters
  • Technical waters
  • Density of oil products

The density of oil products before separation according to which our separators are developed is peer to 0,95 mg/cm3 (or about 950 g/l).

The individual technique of selection is necessary for drains with big density of oil products on an entrance.

Today the most widespread models of separators are: separator of oil products Swok-3, Swk-3, Swobk-3.