Septic Tank and Drainfield

The working process of the treatment facilities is based on the natural processes of sewage decomposition in the nature. It can be presented in the simplified form as follows: at first the anaerobic bacteria (that live without oxygen) decompose high-molecular organic chemical compounds into simple organic substances in a septic tank; then aerobic bacteria process the received organic chemicals into harmless inorganic substances. However under natural conditions these processes happen slowly. The septic tank Ecoline, thanks to the thought-over technical solutions, allows us to create optimal conditions for the bacteria to clean the drains and therefore, promotes acceleration of the processing rate by multiple times.  

 Purification of economic and household sewage in autonomous treatment facilities is performed according to the following scheme: Preliminary cleaning of drains happens in a septic tank, and tertiary treatment and removal of technical water takes place in the filtrational and drainage system.

 The benefits of the scheme::

  • non-volatility of a clearing construction;
  • low cost of the equipment;
  • high reliability;
  • convenience of operation – the reservoir requires cleaning of the firm deposit once in 2-3 years.

 In case of this option, preliminary cleaning of drains happens in a septic tank (65-75%), and the filtrational and drainage system bears on itself the load of tertiary treatment of drains (to 95%).

 Such scheme of treatment facilities is preferable in case of:

  • seasonal accommodation;
  • number of constantly living inhabitants up to 6 people;
  • soil with good permeability (sand, sandy loam);
  • low level of ground waters.